Few Mind-blowing Tips to Have the Best Foreplay

POSTED ON September 23, 2023 | BY Admin

For some people, foreplay is more enticing than the final sex. Have you ever experienced foreplay with a hot Bangalore Escort?

Not yet? Why are you still waiting?

Oh, you might be nervous, right?

Don’t worry; I will explain some enticing details about foreplay. Please go through it and book the best Chennai Escorts now.

Enjoy Sensual Moans During Foreplay

A kiss, smooch, biting, licking, and much more.

Seems amazing.

Isn’t it?

Even more comes into play when it’s about foreplay.

Are you curious to know?

So, let’s get started.

  • Kiss at a Slower Pace

Foreplay is not just about arousing your partner; it’s about enjoying it.

So, start with kissing, and never rush into a passionate kissing regime initially.

Initiate with tiny kisses, step back when your partner is coming towards your lips, and let them crave a kiss.

Let’s talk in respect of a man.

Lick her lips slowly, and step back when she comes toward you; this will make her seduce even faster.

  • Let Her Hump Your Thighs

While kissing the girl, grab her butt and put your thigh between her legs, touching her pussy.

Spank her, and experience the warmth of her wet cunt on your thighs.

Tease her nipple during her thigh-humping regime, and make her go cum.

  • Pleasing Her with Toe? Ooyeeahh!

You don’t just need a dick to play with her pussy; a toe works the best sometimes. Lay her down, and use your toe to tease her clitoris. You can keep your whole foot on her pussy and see how she humps it.

You will make your girl horny if you allow her to hump your foot.

After making her seduced, enter your dick in her pussy, and penetrate well.

So, who said that foreplay is merely for seducing? Have you got my point?

  • 69 is the Best Position

Make both of you enjoy at the fullest by enjoying oral sex together. A simultaneous action of sucking a cock, and licking a pussy is possible with a 69-sex position or a foreplay position.

Lay down in an opposite position facing each other, where you can easily approach the genitals. Start licking her cunt while putting your dick in her mouth.

In the middle of the 69-play, spank her butts, and ask the call girl in Bangalore from the best Bangalore Escorts Agency to lick your balls.

The best part would be when you both ejaculate at the same time.


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