Things You should Know before Doing Anal Sex

POSTED ON November 13, 2023 | BY Admin

The most pleasurable position of having sex is doggy style. But for the first timers, this is the most daunting experience. There are lots of measures that help to make things smooth and more pleasurable. If you want an experienced chick who can give you pleasure as well as allow you to do anal sex, then Bangalore escort services is the right place for you. 

Unlike the vaginal region, and can are generally not lubricated; therefore, applying a lubricant can facilitate penetration. Additionally, you can utilize anal toys like rear-end plugs, which come with silicone lubricants integrated into the end. If you want to have anal sex with a call girl in Bangalore, then here are a few things which you must know about it.

Things You Must Know Before Having Anal Sex 

You can have an orgasm through it 

Anal intercourse can produce an orgasm that is anatomically equal to or greater than vaginal sex. Anal penetration stimulates the prostate (in men) as well as nerves like the pudendal (which in women connects to the clitoris) and perineal (in women).

Lubricate the area well

The most crucial thing to remember is to apply the appropriate type of lubrication. Avoid using oil-based lubricants like hand lotion or cold cream if you are using a latex condom. Use of water-based lubricants, such as lubricating jellies or glycerin, which are typically found at any pharmacy, is advised.

Use protection 

Because there is no chance of pregnancy, many people prefer anal sex over ordinary vaginal sex, which may tempt them to try it without using condoms. Numerous STDs, including the feared HIV, can result from this.

Unprotected anal sex is regarded as the most dangerous form of sex. Health experts estimate that unprotected anal sex increases a receptive partner’s risk of HIV transmission five times higher than unprotected vaginal sex. The procedure not only spreads STDs but also harms your anus.

Go slow

Take your time, even if you have enough lube. The reason for this degree of caution is the anal wink, as defined by medical professionals. Touching the area around the anus will cause the surrounding muscles to contract uncontrollably. You don’t experience involuntary spasming because the nervous system recognizes the sensation as usual after it becomes accustomed to it. Alternatively, they can begin with a pinky finger or a toy of a comparable size designed for anal intercourse before proceeding to a penis or giant toy. Thus, if you want this type of experience, then Bangalore escort Service is ideal for you.

Communicate with her 

Throughout this experience, be mindful of your feelings and let your partner know what’s on your mind. If something goes wrong, you should tell your partner right away to prevent any potential harm. If you hire a chick from the Chennai escort servicescommunicate with her.

So, here are some of the things which you should know if you are planning to have anal sex with a woman and also make your sexual moment even more fun.