Thigh Job: A Perfect Outercourse for an Ultimate Pleasure

POSTED ON April 2, 2024 | BY Admin

Have you ever hired a Bangalore escort for a thigh job?

Not yet?

No worries—I have experienced the same. Let me share my experience to help you better understand a thigh job.

So, read this article and feel the urge to book a sexy Chennai escort for a perfect thigh job.

Her Thighs Made My Dick Erect Instantly!

Frankly writing, I got to know about thigh jobs through a porn video.

It was a Sunday, and I was relaxing in my bedroom watching porn.

While watching this incredible act of thigh job, I felt like hiring a sexy call girl in Bangalore. So, I quickly made a call and got the sexy female escort at my doorstep.

I was feeling very horny, so I started kissing her. After a few minutes, she entered my room.

The girl was fully prepared and was aware of my preference. So, she went nude, and so did I.

I preferred a standing position rather than being in the bed.

So, I stood against the wall and asked the girl to come closer to me.

The girl took one of my thighs between her pussy, while one of her thighs was touching my cock.

Escort started humping my thigh, considering my dick. One of her thighs was rubbing my dick, and after some time, she was wet, and mine was erect.

Then, she changed her position and stood straight, facing me. The girl asked me to put my erect penis between her thighs from behind.

I bent a bit and did the same as she suggested. She grabbed my penis with her thighs and asked me to move it back and forth.

It was pretty impressive. I was feeling as if I was fucking her thighs. My penis was between her thighs, touching her genitals.

The girl was enjoying my cock too.

To give a better grip, she was slightly holding my dick with her fingers.

I humped her thighs hard and felt terrific. When I ejaculated, cum was all over her thighs.

Then, after a perfect thigh job, we kissed hard and moved toward the bed.

I laid her down and did a phenomenal foreplay.

From sucking and biting her nipples, licking her belly, and sucking her juicy clit, I fucked her hard.

Her moaning sounds were making me feel fantastic, and we got multiple mutual orgasms.

So, we enjoyed ourselves the most that day.

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