Lick My Earlobes, and Talk Nasty to Me!

POSTED ON February 12, 2024 | BY Admin

Sex is the basic requirement of life, and what if this requirement is blessed with distinct positions and talk nasty?

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I Grabbed Her from Behind and Whispered in Her Ears

I have been thinking of hiring a Chennai escort from last so many days. One day, while talking with one of my friends, I got to know about the best escort service in Chennai and hired a sexy call girl from the same.

The best part was that it was an online service, and I did need not to visit the place. The girl was there at my doorstep.

So, we started with a perfect kissing session. She was kissing me passionately, and I was uncovering her.

The call girl was asking for biting her ears and whispering something nasty to her.

So, I said, “Wanna hold my cock”?

The girl said, yes, of course.

It was a beautiful night, as the Bangalore escort was hot, and this was making me even more horny.

My penis gave a standing ovation to the sexy female escort when she held my cock with her soft hands.

I love slim and sexy-shaped Bangalore call girls, and she was just like that.

After kissing her, I reached for her boobs. The soft nipples of the perfect female escort were now erect. I was playing with her hard nipples, and she was fully enjoying it.

Then, I gave a hickey on her sexy and slim waist. The call girl was entirely seduced.

After teasing her soft waist, I moved towards her genitals, and licked the shaved part.

I became excited after touching her vagina, as it was all wet. I felt happy that she was feeling good with me in the bed.

The top notch girl spread her legs as an indication of wanting me to lick her pussy.

I gave a sweet kiss on her clit, and then I heard a low-pitched moaning sound saying “ohh”.

I offered her some more kisses, and grabbed her clit between my lips. The sexy high class 22-year girl suddenly grabbed my hairs, and started delving my face more into her clit.

She was all excited to make me lick her clit, so, I put one of my fingers inside her cunt, and licked her pussy for around 5 mins without fail, when she was ready to cum, I stopped there, and kissed her.

Now, I asked her to sit on my cock, and ride it.

She performed woman on the top position really well, and got herself fucked really hard.

Then we switched the position, where I was on her.

Although missionary position is a common one, but when you are turned ON, you won’t really care about the positions, it’s the sexual pleasure that matters the most.

So, now, I penetrated her while saying nasty things like, “Want it more?”, “Shall I insert it deeper?”, “Enjoying my dick baby?”, and so on.

It was an incredible sexual session, from licking earlobes, nasty talks, and an ultimate sex.

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