Positions Which Help You to Have Rough Sex

POSTED ON October 3, 2023 | BY Admin

Making love can be romantic, but sometimes it can be dark and dirty. If you love to play it dirty, it can be the hottest thing for some women. If you fantasize about getting railed with women who want to get fucked wildly, then Escort Service in Bangalore is here to satisfy all your wishes. Having rough sex doesn’t mean that you have to perform difficult positions. You must adjust the positions you already know and love to increase the roughness factor for a fantastic romp.

Want to know which positions help to have rough sex with the woman in bed? This article will help you understand that we are unveiling all the secrets to having good, rough sex.

Positions To Have Rough Sex In Bed 

New booty 

Despite being upside down in this situation, you both have control over the motion and depth of penetration. Yours may include more exercise, but any added effort and perspiration during a sexual encounter serve to increase its heat (and abrasiveness). He can engage in anal play or spanking if you want him to take charge. He should move you around so your legs are on either side of his hips as you place your hands on the ground.

Desk domination 

While allowing the standing spouse to press horizontally against their partner for even more skin-to-skin contact, the Desk Domination position has that “gotta have it now” vibe. This position also lessens the possibility of full strokes, thus lowering the possibility of accidentally landing the penis in the wrong location. The receiver’s legs are wrapped around the giver’s waist. Rough sex performed in the Desk Domination position will seriously tip the table. It can quickly move the table if it isn’t sturdy enough to hold it.

Mirror offence 

The Minor Offence is cute and suggests the sex version of a hug after a fight. The amount of eye contact and kissing is entirely up to you and your spouse, but it also considers that some resentment may be simmering beneath the surface.


You’re familiar with the doggie style, which is a favored position for the two of you. With a few adjustments, you can increase the roughness by pulling each other’s hair, spanking each other, and doing it in front of a mirror so that you can both see. He should kneel behind you as you crawl on all fours. He enters from behind while holding your hips or boobs. If you want to try out this position, Bangalore Escorts Agency can help you.

Over the edge 

The receiver’s hips are supported by your sofa in this posture, giving them a fantastic angle for penetration. Just ensure the spouse doing the penetration starts gently and increases the intensity. One of the danger factors for a penile fracture is thrusting with the penetrating partner’s entire body weight behind it if you’re not used to having sex over the arm of your couch.

These are some of the few positions through which you can have rough sex with the escorts you hired from the Chennai Escorts Agency.