Positions That Help You to Last Longer in Bed

POSTED ON February 20, 2024 | BY Admin

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Slow raw missionary, deep smooches, playing with boobs, lots of moaning, high intensity, and no pull-out sounds like your kind of sex? But this can only be your dream if you cannot last long. Do you know that positions sometimes help you to last longer in bed? Unbelievable, we know. Here are some positions that will last longer in bed. So, let’s have a quick look at it. Shall we?

Various Positions That Help In Last Longer In Bed 


Cowgirl restricts the man’s penis’ range of motion, making it more difficult for him to come when he has a female partner.

As a result, the woman is in complete control and has all the power in her role. It is more difficult for the male to approach her since she is forced to shift her hips however she pleases. The man will stay in bed longer in this posture, even though he can still enjoy the show from below.

Reverse female rider 

After the modified cowgirl, the reverse female rider is the ideal sex position to try out because it uses the least number of muscles, allowing you to have longer sex and prolong ejaculation.

The reverse female rider starts with your partner straddling your body, just like the modified cowgirl, except she is not facing you. A novel sexual sensation can be created by turning your face in a different direction. If you want to experience that with your sexual partner, then Chennai Escort is just for you.


Spooning is an excellent strategy to extend your time in bed because your position makes it more difficult for someone to penetrate rapidly. Your bodies are pressed close together, yours and the sexual call girl’s. You’re about to start a sexual conversation with your spouse while shimmying your erection behind them.

You are both lying on your sides, making moving or rapidly thrusting your pelvis uncomfortable. Instead, you have to carefully manipulate your penis, which diverts your focus from the want to finish sooner than you would like. Spooning is generally a great strategy to keep males from having orgasms too soon.


One of the sex positions that can help you stay in bed longer is this one. In most cases, a woman is in charge when using scissors. She can use the leg to provide further clitoral stimulation while simultaneously grinding on the man’s penis.

There is less pushing from the guy’s side because the lady is in charge. As a result, the guy experiences less stimulation and is more likely to have enjoyable sex in bed for an extended period. If you want to experience a sexy escort, then Bangalore Call Girls is here to help you out.

These are the positions that help you to last longer with your sexual partner and give you a splendid time.