Positions That Help Her to Have Blended Orgasm

POSTED ON January 22, 2024 | BY Admin

Orgasm is a joyful experience that girls can embrace. It is the unicorn of the sexual world. This experience is magical and mesmerizing; you can get tired of it. It is like a never-ending sexual hunger that every woman has. But have you experienced blended orgasm? A simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasm is referred to as a mixed orgasm. Technically speaking, two orgasms co-occurring are what cause a more potent, whole-body reaction. If you want to give a call girl such sexual pleasure, then Bangalore Escorts is the right place for you.

Women sometimes experience this fantastic feeling when they are doing a solo venture. But if you imagine that you are licking her while inserting your finger inside her, oh my my, she will be in heaven. But don’t worry, if you make her happy, then she will also return the favor by giving you a fantastic blowjob. Do you want to know more about the positions that also help you to give her the perfect blended orgasm? Then you have arrived at the right place as we are here to share the information about the different positions that help her to get the blended orgasm. So read it till the end to know them in detail.

Positions To Give Her Blended Orgasm 


Your woman lies on her back close to the bed’s edge in this position. The hips need to be supported by the bed’s edge. Blended orgasms necessitate reaching the G-spot, and raising her hips with a couple of pillows beneath them will make it easier for you to do so. Put yourself in front of her so that you two make a L shape and give a shove. In this position, you can rub her clit, or she can rub it at your pace.

Reverse cowgirl 

Spread your legs wide in a missionary posture while lying on your back. Request that your sexual partner penetrate you while also stimulating your clitoris. Chennai Escort Service can provide you with the perfect escorts with whom you can enjoy this position.


For mixed orgasms, any position that allows you to reach her clit is ideal. Remember, though, that landing on the G-spot is just as crucial. If spooning is your preferred position, begin slowly and cuddle with each other. Go to Blended when you sense her reaching her climax. Want to experience that? Then Bangalore Escort Services is ready to give you the best service.

Missionary with the stimulation

Spread your legs wide in a missionary posture while lying on your back. Request that your sexual partner penetrate you while also stimulating your clitoris.

Doggy style 

Doggy style is appropriate if your wife enjoys making herself feel good as you’re penetrating. Whether you’re standing or leaning over the side of a chair or bed, adopt your preferred doggy pose. You can take this a step further by pulling her ponytail and stroking her clit, or you can ask her to please herself if you have access to it. This will be as outrageous as it gets in a canine manner.

These are some of the top positions to give her the perfect blended orgasm.