Position Which Helps You to Eat Her Ass

POSTED ON February 5, 2024 | BY Admin

Rimming or salad tossing is the most pleasurable experience for any girl. But sometimes, they feel shy and unable to expose themselves or even their sexual preference. Their male doesn’t understand whether the other person will like it. But girls like it too. If you want a call girl to experience your wildest and most wired sexual activity, then Bangalore Escorts can help you in this case.

While kissing her slightly, touch her hips, and after she gives you a splendid blow, it’s high time you reward her. How you may think? It’s simple through licking her butthole. While licking it, you can also insert your finger into her wet pussy. This will give her extra pleasure. Here are some positions you should try to get to the next level.

Best Position While Kissing Her Ass

Spread eagle 

If the recipient is a skilled contortionist, they may also be positioned behind their head or on their back with their legs apart. Prop their pelvis with a pillow to avoid straining your neck at that awkward posture. To be able to feast like a king, you genuinely want to tilt their butthole upward.

Face sitting 

Analingus works well in this position because it gives the recipient control. It would help if you watched out so they don’t become uncomfortable by sitting too close to your face. The female escort will squat over your face, place a pillow under your neck, and you will hold her butt in your hands before she leaves. If you are feeling horny and want to fuck someone hard, then book Bangalore call girls, as they can satisfy you fully.

Reverse face sitting 

Spin the butt 180 degrees to face away and sit on that face. Those who enjoy being smothered by heinie, or givers, particularly choose this position. Another beneficial pose for practicing consensual breath play is reverse face sitting.


Another traditional job that can be excellent for eating ass is missionary, provided that the candidate is flexible. Regretfully, even though you can get right down on a woman’s pussy in this position, you can get very close to her ass. Thus, you should lift her legs as high as you can if you want to eat her ass in this position. If you want to experience that, Chennai Escort is just for you.

The rainy trumpet

It never hurts to rim with a little finger play. Make sure to get into the ridges and crevices surrounding the entrance of the anus by moving your finger in concentric circles toward it after connecting with some washing and caressing. Additionally, you can move your finger slightly inside the whole itself. Does occasionally some finger play here as well, which is excellent if you anticipate switching from rimming to anal penetration in the future? Add something up front, such as a hand, a well-aimed shower spray, or a waterproof toy to improve the rim job.

So these are some of the positions which help you eat her ass and, not only that, give her the maximum pleasure out of it.