Different Ways to Pleasure Yourself during Shower

POSTED ON November 2, 2023 | BY Admin

Shower time is like me time for every person. If you are living alone, it is a splendid opportunity for you, and you should take advantage of it. Touching yourself is the best way to understand your sexual preference. Having sex in the shower is the most desirable sexual activity you can ever do. Bangalore Escort Service can help you to encounter such spectacular moments.

It’s essential to love yourself and touch yourself whenever you feel it. Shower masturbation is just great as it not only involves your pussy, but the whole body. Imagine the cold water running all over your body, but inside, you feel the warmth of sexuality. Amazing right? Stay tuned in this article if you want to know the secret of pleasing yourself inside the shower.

Various Ways to Please Yourself in Shower 

Set your mood 

Setting the mood beforehand will help achieve a pleasant, enjoyable, thrilling showering experience. Play some enticing music, listen to an erotic audiobook (if that’s your thing), light a candle, and grab a bottle of wine. You can also place some essential oils in the shower if you like to smell nice; while you shower, the hot water’s steam will make the aromas rise and surround you.

A toy can be more fun 

Some non-electric glass, plastic, or rubber toys, such as specific types of anal beads or dildos, may go quickly from your bedroom to your bathroom. But if waterproof vibrators are more your style, you can also get these on the market. Even though they are generally water-safe, some toys have extra features designed expressly for use in the water. For instance, some dildos use suction cups to adhere to your shower wall.

Utilization of the lube 

Use a tiny bit of lube from the store. Because they have more staying power than a water-based lubricant, which rapidly washes away under the stream, oil- and silicone-based lubricants function best in the shower.

A shower head can also help you 

Showerheads and faucets have the potential to be orgasmic, according to some women. To activate the clitoris, adjust the showerhead’s temperature and pressure before placing it against your vagina. You will experience a solid and intense orgasm thanks to the showerhead’s pressure. However, the showerhead shouldn’t be used for penetrating action, and the pressure shouldn’t be too high to cause pain. Pressure and temperature must be adjusted first.

Clit vibrator 

Clitoral suction vibrators, the newest trend in sex toys, are credited with enabling women to experience orgasmic potentials they were previously unaware of. Compared to all other toys, clitoral suckers enable women to experience stronger orgasms. Clitoral suckers stimulate the entire anatomy, not just the visible tip. Clitoral suction is a good substitute for oral sex because it is one of the few efficient ways to produce fast, full-bodied orgasms. If you want to use this toy for a woman to give her maximum pleasure, then Escort Service in Bangalore can help you.

These are the few tricks that help you to touch yourself in the shower, which is fun. But if you want to watch a woman touching herself while talking dirty to you, then Chennai Escort Service can fulfill your desire.