How to Have Protected Sex with a Sex Worker?

POSTED ON August 24, 2023 | BY Admin

Sex workers call girls and escort different names, but one task: offering sexual pleasure. In India, Escorts Service in Chennai and other locations is permissible. Prostitution is a necessary activity to prevent sexual crimes and abuse.

But before you move into it, safety is the crucial aspect. Protection before having sex with a strange partner may sometimes be a risky game.

So, ensuring excellent health followed by great protection is necessary.

Usually, men lose control seeing a naked or partially naked woman, and it’s obvious. But rushing right toward the sexy play without considering the safety aspects might injure health.

So, today, let’s discuss some critical points about hygiene and safety before having sex with the best Chennai call girls.

Keep reading the blog, and have some outstanding knowledge.

Prevent STIs by Playing a Safe Sex Regime

Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs) are a common problem due to sexual contact. So, if you tend to visit sex workers often, this one’s for you.

Consider the following points before going physical with a call girl.

  • Condoms are a Must

The easiest way of preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections is to wear a condom before diving into the deep pussy. A high-quality condom is recommended. Using lesser quality or cheap condoms for a low price may have the chance to break.

So, using a good quality condom and wearing it before sex is highly important.

  • Check for the Health of Escort by the Agency

The escorts from a reputed agency are medically checked for health issues and STIs. If you need to be made aware of the medical information of the escorts, ask the agency to provide you with the details.

Also, connect with your doctor and get your STI checked to ensure the status of your sexual health.

  • HIV Test is essential

Ensure that your escort is not suffering from HIV AIDS. Consider it the most critical point after booking an escort for yourself. The renowned agencies always keep health records of their girls to help clients with safe and happy sex.

  • Oral sex Needs Prevention

Yeah, maybe you’re an amazing cunt licker and a cunt lover, but prevention from STIs is a must. If you’re not aware of the fact, let me tell you that oral sex, too, causes sexually transmitted infections.

Use dental dams before licking the wet pussy of your choice of escort; this may give you protection against any sexual problem.


The bottom line is that hiring a Bangalore escort for your sexual pleasure is not a bad idea. But ensuring safety is another great option to have great, long, and healthy sex without any doubts. If you want to protect sex with healthy escorts, hire girls from Book My Escort and make your night pleasurable at a budget-friendly cost.