Dark and Hot Boy + Fair and Sexy Girl = What a Deadly Combination!

POSTED ON May 3, 2024 | BY Admin

Every man always loves a sexy and fair Chennai escort.

Did you ever think what a girl admires?

Have you never thought about it yet, right?

If you are going to have a sex play with a call girl in Bangalore, you should have some knowledge about the likes and dislikes of a girl, too.

No worries, let me give you a gist.

As men often look for a sexy and beautiful girl, girls usually like dark men on the bed.

According to a paper re-authored by a researcher from the Institute of Psychology, Health, and Society, women are usually attracted to men’s dark and brooding looks.

This is true.

I am not saying this just because we have proof above, but I felt the same when I hired a sexy Chennai Escort recently.

So, are you ready to go wild after reading my story?

Let’s go then.

Your Dark Looks, and Muscular Body is Making me Wet!

So, it was the night I booked a call girl from the best escort service in Bangalore.

The call girl came to my place. She was very pretty, humble, sweet, and sexy.

I invited her for dinner and served her a tasty meal with wine.

The escort was now ready to serve me on the bed.

So, I picked her up, threw her on the bed, and started opening the buttons of my shirt.

The female escort was glowing out of excitement.

I made her naked, too.

The perky boobs of the girl were making me seduced. So, I start teasing the nipples of the girl with my fingers and lighter teeth.

The girl was finding my teeth and tongue pleasing on her breasts.

I kept on pressing, licking, and sucking her boobs and nipples. The girl started moaning after some time, which drove me crazy.

I asked the girl to turn back as I wanted to kiss her nape and lick her earlobes.

After making the girl lie on her stomach, I licked her nape and earlobe. I laid on her butt to make her feel my hard warm dick and feel aroused.

Then, I turned her and kissed her passionately. After that, I went down on her and licked her clitoris.

The girl was moaning and saying, “You are a sexy dark man; I love dark hot men.”

After giving her a perfect oral session, I asked her to become a bitch for me.

So, she became a sexy bitch for me, and I fucked her hard in the doggy style.

I clasped her hair with my hands and kept on hitting her pussy hard until we both had orgasms.

It was a real fun.

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