Come On! Let’s Have One Erotic Massage Session!

POSTED ON October 10, 2023 | BY Admin

Have you ever visited the best Chennai Escort and requested an erotic massage?

If not, you should hire a call girl to have such an enticing pleasure.

If you are a beginner, let me explain about erotic massage.

As we go to a spa to experience relaxation with a soothing spa treatment, the erotic massage is the same, with a different feeling.

Have you got my point?

Let’s explore more and understand the pleasure at a deeper level.

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Imagine if the girl makes you lie on your stomach with a towel to cover your butt initially.

You are covered with covered hips, and the girl gently pours the warm oil on your back.

You will feel relaxed, I am sure.

The soft fingers touching your body will slowly pleasure you when you are asked to lie down straight on your back.

A dick covered with a towel will soon stand due to the intense massage of the girl’s upper body.

When the already oiled boobs come in contact with your shaved or hairy chest, a sense of excitement will be showcased well with your erected penis.

Now it’s time to remove the towel covering your cock.

The top Bangalore Escorts have some magic in their hands. When the girls touch your hard cock, it makes you feel fabulous.

The hard dick is then oiled with coconut, jojoba, or almond oil and massaged softly and gently.

The girl then comes over your dick and makes her boobs tease your cock. For a fantastic pleasure, the call girl makes use of her boobs and keeps your dick between her boobs, and starts rubbing it.

The dick between the boobs is pleasurable and makes a man even more horny. So, what happens next?

Now, you can’t control your horniness, and suddenly took her beneath you and continued rubbing your dick between the oily boobies.

As the rubbing session continued, you suddenly put your penis in the girl’s mouth and shook her head, holding her hair tightly in passion.

The girl started sucking your dick like a juicy ice cream, and you started feeling amazing.

Oh yeah, keep going, don’t stop until I cum, you say.

She is sucking your cock deeper, and you are moaning slowly and penetrating her mouth like a pussy.

Suddenly, you said, yes, ah, ahhh, I am done, and the girl felt the cum in her mouth.


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