Best Bathtub Sex Position with Her to Create Intense Moment

POSTED ON January 17, 2024 | BY Admin

In Secretary (2002), Mr. Grey cleaned up Lee in the bathtub and kissed her body while she told him her story. And after that, they make out in the bathroom. Isn’t that sexy? We know that there are a lot of women and men out there who once fantasized about having sex in the water or the bathtub. If you are one of them, you can turn it into reality with the best Bangalore Escorts.

Let’s face it: having sex in the bathtub is the epitome of seduction. As you kiss and squeeze her breasts, picture yourself taking off her clothes. Following that, you lead her to the bathtub and begin cleaning her while rough-fingering her or stroking her pussy. She’ll let out a loud cry and beg for more from you. We can picture you getting a hard boner from this. Here are a few positions that heighten the tension to make things more intriguing.

Bathtub Sex Position to Have Sex with Her


Your butt should protrude over the edge of the tub while you crouch low on a thick, comfortable towel. To enter or finger you, your spouse either kneels on the seat or stands, depending on the setup. Though your vagina is safely out of the splash zone, it is still hot tub sex. If you want to experience this sexy position with a sweet 22-year-old girl, then give a call to Chennai Escorts Agency, as they are the best.

Seesaw sex position 

To begin a Seesaw position with your partner, have him settle onto a bed. The next step is to face him and sit on his lap. Then, to make yourself comfortable, stretch your legs wide. Now, you should bend back and place your arms behind or on his shoulders. In this position, you can face your partner and either move up and down on his penis or grind forward and backward on him.

Drenched doggy 

A waterproof vibe would be a nice touch, or if you want to go even farther, try some butt things. If you’ve never rimmed anything before, this is the ideal opportunity to do so in the tub. Getting dirty is much easier when you’re at ease and confident that both you and your lover are spotless.

The shallow 

Elevate yourself physically away from some filthy water to elevate your sex. Try having sex while standing, elevating one foot on the bench to provide much-needed balance. For further clit stim, give your fingers a buzzy vibration. Are you amazed at this position and want to try it out? Then it is best to hire the best Bangalore call girls, as they can help you in such cases.

Face-to-face cowgirl 

Sitting up instead of lying on your sexual partner’s back will quickly make cowgirl more intimate. This will allow you to grab onto your thighs for support, change the rhythm, and relieve some pressure on them. It’s also great for staring into the eyes and giving sensual kisses.

These are some of the hot bathtub sex positions that you should try out with the call girl whom you are hiring to have endless fun.